Hello, my name is Kathy Grimm. I’m an artist and a teacher living and working in St. Louis, Mo. This 'Guide To William Shakespeare' is my online journal dedicated to the art, drama and design interests of my students, colleagues and family members. Most of the posts included here will cover topics frequently associated with the Elizabethan Theater. 
      Although not all of the content found here is unique or original, it is sometimes necessary for fine art teachers to adapt the contents of a web journal for the convenient studies of their students. Some school districts have very restrictive policies concerning the number of websites that may be visited by students within their own private libraries and classrooms and it is for this reason, I have begun to write several online journals for my own students.  Thrifty Scissors, and Prickly Pins are my two other journals for the classroom. In addition to these, I also have a Bible coloring page website. There is also an older online journal called, Art Education Daily that is the result of my k-12 certification in the state of Missouri. 

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